update 05/02/17
This is the current roster of paid up members..as of April 29, 2017
Dues are $20 for an individual member; $30 for family membership.
New young hams licensed through our VE system are free for the first  year.  Students in school under 21 are $10.
2017 dues can be paid starting in September .
Those with '17 in front of name are paid up and active. 

M&M Amateur Radio Club
ARRL #2235
'17 Jim Armstrong, KB8PCQ, Menominee, MI
'16 Dave Arnold, W8DXX, Menominee, MI/Joliet, IL (Rpt. trustee)
'17 Kurt Berge, K8BKA, Menominee, MI (life member)
'15 Larry Buchholz, N9OSF, Gillett, WI
'17 Jim Callow, K8IR, Menominee, MI (VE) family
'17 Joey Callow, W9JJC, Menominee, MI (youth member) family mem
'17 Bruce Conover, N9CON, Marinette, WI (family mem)
'17 Char Conover (no call), Marinette, WI (family)
'17 Floyd Croy, K8ZLO, Cedar River, MI
'17 Pam Croy, K7PAM, Cedar River, MI
'17 Doug Dooley, KD8OVR, Menominee
'17 Paul Drees, WC9E, Marinette, WI (VE)
'17 Edward Engleman, KG8CX, Menominee (VE)
'17 Mark Erickson, KD8ESH, Menominee, MI (family)(club sec.)
'17 Liz Erickson (no call, family)
'17 Nora Erickson (no call, family)
'17 Ken Exworthy, N0AWM, Marinette, WI
'17 John Goldschmidt, N9GLT, Peshtigo, WI
'17 Lloyd Gomez, W9LEG, Marinette & Laguna Woods, CA (VE, family)
'17 Gayle Gomez, W9GCG, Marinette & Laguna Woods, CA (VE, family)
'16 Valerie Hallam, KC8WAI, Menominee, MI
'16 Tom Horvath, WB8OSE, Stephenson, MI
'17 Eric Janssen, KG9GH, Marinette, WI (family)
'17 Cheryl Janssen, KB9NTN, Marinette, WI (family)
'17 Robert Johnson, AA8UT, Menominee, MI (life member)
'17 Pete Johnson, AB9PJ, Marinette, WI (club vice president, VE)
'16 Peter Johnson, W9LPJ, Ft. Bragg, NC (in service, family)
'17 Taylor Johnson (no call) Marinette, WI (youth, family)
'17 Dave Kohlbeck (no call) Peshtigo, WI
'17 Tyler Lehman, KC9FKE, Marinette, WI
'17 Michael Lemke, KD8FUE, Menominee, MI (club treasurer)
'16 Allen Mans, KG9BI, Marinette, WI
'17 Tim Mellenthin, WN6KHG, Marinette, WI
'17 John Mellenthin (no call) family membership
'17 Abby Derouin (no call) family membership
'17 Bill Meyst, AC8IO, Menominee, Mi
'17 Arde Nelson, KA9WAR, Peshtigo, WI
'17 Tanya Parkansky (no call), Marinette, WI (honorary member
'17 Michel Paquette KD9IHE, Peshtigo, WI
'17 Jeff Pownell  AC9PZ,  Gillett, WI
'17  Bob Schrader, AA9GZ, Marinette, WI (VE)
'16  Damian Schumaker, AG9P, Oconto, WI (family)
'16  Cynthia Patterson, W9CYN, Oconto, WI (family)
'17  Jeff Rymer KE9S, Pound,  WI
'17  Richard Sexton, KE8GMQ, Powers/Spaulding, MI (Meno Co. EC)
'17 Michael Sobeck KD9IGW, Lena, WI
'17 Jim Swanson, KC8DOA, Menominee, MI (honorary)
'17 Denise Gallineau, (no call), Menominee, MI (honorary)
'17 Calvin Thorp, K1SGW, Menominee, MI
'16 Ed Wruk, K9FQC, Crivitz, WI
'16  Cheryl Wruk, KC9LNT, Crivitz, WI
'17  Randy Taylor, AB9QC, Green Bay, WI
'17 Dan Wagner,  N9OWD  Peshtigo,WI
'17 John Weiterman, KB9VXJ, Sturgeon Bay, WI

HAM OF THE YEAR:  Ed Engleman KG8CX  Award presented at club meeting in Oct.
SILENT KEYS since 2000
Paul Brennen, WA9SKK, Marinette, WI
Gary Luthardt, KG9AD, Marinette, WI
Lou Parkansky, AA9JH, Marinette, WI
Bob Osier, AA9IB, Marinette, WI
Don Uecke, WA9ERI, Milwaukee, WI
Tom Zeratsky, K8ICO, Menominee, MI
Harry White, W9CNV, Marinette, WI
Michael Anuta, W8HKY Menominee, MI
Gene Voelker, K9GGV, Peshtigo, WI