Menominee D.A.R. Radio Club
Y.A.C.H.T. Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team

  Ed KG8CX making a brief appearance at the Youth Forum
YACHT Memories from Hamvention 2016
Marty KC1CWF and his presentation
Group of young hams about to take part in the Youth Rally
 More YACHT member
 photos showing our very active young hams
Kendra KF5BEW, YTM#94, and her sister, Abbi KF5FYS YTM#93. They run a youth net on Thurs 7pm CDST on W5DDL-R
Attending Hamvention '16 were members Skyler KD0WHB, Jacob AD0JA, and Marty KC1CWF.  We also gained 10 new members, several of whom were presenters at this year's event.
Jacob AD0JA with his presentation
Hazel KD8YZX YTM112 and her brother Andrew KD8ZAF YTM107.

Newest group of Hammies as of Dec. 10'  Congratulations to our new ham friends in So. Africa for their outstanding work.
Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team
Showing involvement in special events and other personal ham radio related achievements and activities.
Tommy N1SPY, YTM128 doing pedestrian mobile in New Mexico.
Dhruv KC9ZJX YTM136 and his robo project
Mason KM4SII YTM132 in support of the ham radio parity act. Mason's dad on left with Senator Burr.
Skylar KM4ZCC YTM#157, our newest member.
He is working on his Extra upgrade. Welcome aboard.
Hammies Club of South Africa
An all-ham YACHT family from Texas:
Back row: Jerry W5BFF, LaDonna KG5GMC
Front (L-R) Cody N5GNR, Dylan N5APP, Kyle N5KWG
Bryant KG5HVO One of our esteemed YACHT youth members who has earned a noteworthy award for CW excellence.